NAI OF DEATH is a personal project by Naiara Fernández. This work pays tribute to life, death, and leather.


Nai of Death takes shape in a moment during which the ever-present idea of death is made tangible, coinciding with the loss of her father and the abandonment of her previous project.
After a long haul working with leather, on a vital project in which the personal and professional realms became blurred, encompassing a multidisciplinary form of expression (clothing, video, painting, tattoos, graffiti, tattooed clothing, paint clothing, graffiti clothing, video clothing, video painting, video graffiti, and video clips but above all music, music tattoos, music clothing, music graffiti, and karaoke) whose only premise was the defense of creative liberty and faithfulness to oneself, the need arose to work alone with the necessity of expression that allows for the
liberation of all of those emotions; working once more with leather as a material, keeping in mind its complete use as much as its maximum recycling.
Working by hand is where ideas and emotions come to life.
This work is a vindication of the necessity of relearning to feel.
We do not believe in the rhythms that define fashion, we identify more with the concept of


designers will not work according to seasons, but rather when they are ready and have something to say.
It is based on emphasizing the core and having an individual distinct identity. It deals with ethical and ecological fashion, respecting the manufacturing process and being locally produced.
It involves the consumer, the philosophy is to buy little but special and heritable, with a timeless design and tied to the personality of each individual.
To be proud of one’s identity and to make it lasting. To be honest with production and fair in purchasing.”

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